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And0or, while describing herself as antisocial, is one to clutch at any sort of excuse for conversation. She is a child in an elegant woman's body, a body disturbed by rebellion and a thirst for attention. She wants to stand out and be noticed, all without being bothered. Very contradictory wishes, which may be part of the reason why she has such a chip on her shoulder.

And0or tries to be elegant and commanding, but she isn't very clever, so her insults are hardly more than lackluster. When she is angered, she adopts a pout that shows her true colors, and will yell, shout the same dumb insults over and over, get mad over little things, and may even have a tantrum. While the academy, filled with fantasy being and strange ethnicities, makes her seem highly volatile and unstable, she is usually calm and sort of reasonable, is not a pessimistic grump. (She also has a bit of a perverted mind, but she tries to hide it).

When it comes to magic, she becomes very self conscious and lacking in confidence. She may shy away from conversation and try to be silent. She doesn't like to admit how inadequate she is with her own eden, and seeing others show off may drive her away or make her shy. This is one of the few circumstances in which you may openly find her showing weakness (though not purposefully).

And0or dislikes many people, but the ones she calls 'freaks' are the worst. The ones that fall into this category are those she can connect to geekdom somehow: anything fantasy related such as animal-ears, wings, or tails (all far from rare at the academy); girlish faces on men such as seen in anime; oddly colored hair and strange oddities, anything that she could possibly criticize. She may go to extremes just to find a reason to make an enemy, if she feels the need to. It's not hard to understand why she isn't very popular. Partially, she can't help it, as these things remind her of her parents as well as her lack of attention, and enrage her; but then large fault goes to her own foolishness and need for attention. The only reason she doesn't find eden magic to be some sort of blasphemy is because she control over it herself, however little it may be.

Her Roommate is Winston B. Matthews in room 214 on the second floor of Virens, her birthday is May 28th,and her theme song is Room Of Angel.


There IS a reason for her obnoxious zero-infected name. Both her parents are big nerds: comics, sci-fi, super heroes, even a bit of manga and anime. When she was born, it didn't take her parents long to get overwhelmed with the responsibility with raising an actual child, so they hid in their comics as a coping mechanism. As a result, And0or grew up alone, hating her parents who ignored her, constantly being tormented because of her name that for some reason she has yet to change.

In rebellion, she pierced her ears multiple times, chopped off half of her hair, waiting for her guardians to notice. If they had gone to parent-teacher conferences, they would have surely heard how antisocial and cruel she was regarding the rest of society, which she makes out as cruel and ignorant. To distract herself from the world she leapt into her studies. She grew a horrid loathing of all things nerd, to the point where she because enraged at the very thought.

The only way she really got attention was by being bitter and harsh to her parents, which is why she has such a sour disposition. (at least, part of the reason).


Although they may not be her best, And0or prefers to use fire and dark. They seemede the most fitting for her, while her subconscious preffered them for their attention-grabbing properties... In actuality, she is horrible with magic. When seeing someone who is skilled, or even average, she become rather insecure. Recently, it has been noticed that while she may just suck with magic, she is especially bad with fire. In fact, it's a wonder whether she can even use it at all. There are some doubts this is even her element, and with her last fire exam actually failed, And0or is beginning to suspect what she wants isn't exactly what's needed for her. Soon she will have to face a trail that will show her the actually element her body corresponds with... But it's guaranteed that she will ultimately be disappointed by it.

One of her reasons for entering the academy and learning to perfect her magic was so that she could burn down the house of her parents, and force them to face reality, unable to hide behind their distractions. While she has some good intentions, it is ultimately very cruel of her.


Alto St. Vincent: This was the very first person And0or ever met at the academy. She likes him and finds him very respectable. They have created a memorable bond. It is already highly likely they will be romantic partners, but so far they aren't actually in a relationship.

Winston B. Matthews: This is And0or's roommate. He acts kind of like a best friend and brother to And0or, and And0or would describe him with the word 'home'. But he doesn't feel like her home; rather, he feels like the home she should have had. She feels very comfortable around Winston, and respects rather than fears his talent (most of the time). His brother is annoying.

Edel Bennet: And0or's self-entitled arch rival, she hates him because he is a trap and because she saw him with a manga book. While he only seems to treat her like a pest, she goes full out trying to get the fires of hatred growing. It annoys her that he doesn't play along, but at the same time his mocking attitude is part of the reason why she hates him.

Nien Froth: Her word to describe him would be 'ally'. She met him soon after coming to the academy, and he has yet to provoke her. He trusts him, and while she hasn't opened up fully, they share a comfortable friendship. He doesn't push her, she doesn't bug him. they get along, and are partners for the exams "The Rising."

Kentaromaru Jin: She detests this man with a passion. Nevertheless, they served in the same booth during their first festival, and bicker whenever they meet. He is seen as a sort of living embodiment of everything she hates, mostly due to the pointed elf ears that wouldn't come off no matter how hard she tugged. They are bitter enemies, but even though she won't admit it, they do share a bond in this way. (If he were to ever be wounded, she would surely try to beat him up for trying to die on her)

Adele: While she first hated him for being a trap, they have gone through a number of like trials and ordeals (such as turning And0or purple after a horrible tea mishap), and somehow he has managed to gain her trust. While she may say she doesn't like him when asked, inside she reluctantly relents that he may be an okay person.


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