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Widely known as the huge jerk of Virens, Edel is never seen without a smile, but his critical personality stops him from having any friends.


Edel has a very confusing idea of what it means to be a decent person, which makes him like poison to others. He holds himself in high esteem, despite this. He smiles religiously, refusing to let others see him with an expression of displeasure, which many don't realize if his effort to seem friendly and make everyone comfortable. The reason this doesn't help is that while his smile is sweet, his words are not. He holds special importance in always being honest and saying exactly what he thinks, the problem is that he's an extreme pessimist who sees the worst in everyone. This results in a sweet face delivering the worst of insults with little to no warning. He seems to have mixed up blunt and honesty a long time ago. Despite this, he will never tell you something that isn't true, making his compliments to be a valuable treat, and he'll nearly never lie (unless it's a sarcastic comment that he's planning on taking back within the next few seconds.) {C}He has slowly grown a bit more ooptimistic from his attempts to comfort others, but he still insults (perhaps it's simply habit by now to point out others' flaws?) {C}There are very few people he gets along with, and you probably wouldn't notice if he's taken a liking to you. That is because 1:he is tsundere, 2: he thinks that he's being honest. In short, he's utterly infuriating. Edel has the easy to manipulate flaw of being very, very clumsy. This often ruins dignified exits or entrances and lands him in difficult situations.


Edel grew up in a wealthy family and lived a very easy, and to Edel, boring life. Since he was a child, he always had a dark outlook on life and a constant frown. In comparison, his little brother by 3 years, Chris ( the children's names are based on the flowers edelweiss and chrysanthemum ) was a ray of sunshine. He seemed to make up for his brother's lack of smiling by doing enough for both of them, and always loved to tell people how wonderful they are. (Edel now tries to copy this, but he always comes up with negative things to say. He just sucks at copying his brother). Edel was in a constant battle for attention with his brother, who was much more popular and (at least in Edel's view, though he was proabably right) loved much more by their parents. Despite this competition, Edel loved his brother and wanted to learn as much as he could from him. When he was nine, however, Chris drowned while Edel was only a few feet away from the pool. He could only watch, since he couldn't swim (despite the lie he had told his brother that day) and couldn't save him. He blamed himself heavily for his brother's death and seemed to be the last thing he needed to run away from home. After this, his view on improving himself was fully based on his brother, causing his most important morals to be smilng and be honest.

Running away, Edel hitchhiked on the road and met an older man, who he traveled with for three years, becoming a bit of a father to Edel. One day, his truck went off the road into a forest, crashing into some trees. A bear attacked them, and Edel, desperate this time to be of help, discovered his eden and scared off the bear with his light magic. He then used the man's cell phone to call for help. The man made it to the hostpital, but still died of internal injuries. Edel had no regrets, however, and the man thanked Edel at his bedside. After that, he spent the next year working part-time in a small town until he caught word of the academy (during this year, he also dyed his hair and adopted his love of manga and Japanese snacks) He spent the next five years hitchhiking to get there.


Edel can summon his eden as a large burst of light with only a few seconds preparation, but his lack of control or creativity means this is all he can do with it. The problem: He isn't immune to it's effects. After a large blast, Edel is often just as, if not more, blinded than the original target, and even started into immobility. Recently he's been training, and his been able to sustain a smaller glow for a few seconds. He can't control it much longer than that without it going out or bursting (see above).

Over his first semester, he's learned to remove poison and create a wind shield, and his second semester he learned to create air bullets and see hidden monsters. He has also animated a balloon into a puppet, but can do nothing with it. He is not a master at any of these skills, but he is better at the wind skills due to light eden's difficulty to control. His preferred method of casting is always the one mentioned above, however.


Sofiya- What a sweet, stupid girl~ While her naive nature used to annoy him, Edel's started to see her as a little sister. Unfortunately, she has now left the academy, robbing him of his only friend. {C}Whisper- The only thing I regret is not telling you your face looks like a chicken. {C}One of his exam partners for his first semester, Edel expected Whisper to be a goofy girl and was pleasantly surprised at her leadership skills and serious nature during the exam (even though he would have preferred to lead himself.) {C}Mira- I'm sorry, who are you again? Edel's other exam partner, Edel failed to notice her. Seems nice. {C}Clay- It's actually a shame we weren't friends. I don't regret it. Edel disliked Clay ever since Sam dumped Edel for him. Edel was the only one antagonizing this relationship, yet he ended up a bit interested in Clay's attitude. He hasn't seen Clay since he warned him about Sam's impending death, but now he hates Clay more than ever knowing that he shortened Sam's time left. Sam- As fun as it was, let's not be firends. {C}Edel found Sam's childish and affectionate nature to be at first infuriating, but he ended up falling for her. Edel tried his best to better himself for her, but they weren't able to communicate well and Sam cut off their engagement. He is currently in a bit of a depression over this, and his mood is even more foul than usual.