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Fire, Light, Darkness, Spirit/Soul

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Holy Celestial is a vampire-human halfbreed, son of a noble vampire and his human wife. He was born in Transylvania, Europe, and still resides there with his friends when not around the academy, however, since Transylvania is now overrun with demonic vampires during nighttime, his lodgings usually include nighttime hunting, to keep the city calm and safe for the remaining humans to live in.

His father was a noble vampire among the counts of Transylvania, however with no connection to the Draculean bloodline, who married a simple human woman soon after they fell in love with each other. Both of his parents died by the hands of Michael von Hellsing, but his young brother who was not around the house survived, and later they met for the first time.

A nice and caring half vampire. A bit quiet sometimes,but that's only when he's bored, mad, sad or dissapointed.
He likes good fights, at least that's his wish,but since nobody gives him a good fight, he's bored when there's nothing to do. He is usually calm, however may seem cold to those he does not know yet, but once he befriends somebody, his attitude towards that person changes, maybe even drastically. Trust plays a major role in his attitude, and if somebody dares to play away his trust, that person will forever feel his cold side. For him family and friends come first, if someone tries to hurt them,he won't show mercy. Even though he's used to seeing people hurt (he saw violence everyday while in his hometown), if he sees children hurt, he gets pissed instantly.

When it comes to fights, he's serious, ever since his last job he became a dual wielder, using 2 different twin weapons. He rarely drinks blood, even though he's partially a vampire, but since he isn't fully one, he doesn't need much blood (except those times when he doesn't drink for a long duration, or at full moons when his vampirism grows stronger a bit), but since he's still a knight,he keeps his oath and won't attack innocent people for blood,even if it means to survive.

He thinks positively most of the times, and it annoys him badly if someone thinks negatively,and/or give's up hope without even trying.

As a knight, he acts by the code of chivalry, and thus does his best to aid those who are in need of help. His past jobs left him with a tendency to accept guardian jobs, since for a long period of time he worked as a guardian knight for princesses, taking a little of their blood as payment. He might not show it, however he can get very worried when it comes to certain things regarding his family or friends, however, he does not go into a panic state, he keeps his calm. This might be an aftereffect of his past.

Some people might see him as someone overly powerful, however, he is not to be confused by those who show off their strength, just to impress. He keeps his powers at bay, and only uses them in a balance, because he knows his mana is limited (due to him not being a mage but something similar to a magic knight), and he does not want to empty his manapool quickly; thus he uses tactics and logic in battle to make sure he succeeds in not only a fair manner, but even without unnecessary killing. Keeping his powers at bay is further explained by the fact that he is the gatekeeper for the Daemon Vault, situated within a separate realm (an honour he gained sometime in the past, currently he is the only one able to access it, and thus the only one who knows where it is). Currently he has 4 weapons in use from the Vault: his twin katanas Matamune and Masamune, his handcannon Patrius, and the revolver Solemarche, latter being in posession of his young brother, because he needed a stronger weapon for his first and last exam.


He is the son of a noble vampire father and a commoner human mother. After he was born, his parents already knew what he was, but didn't tell him he was a halfbreed, because they were afraid of his reaction, and that others might figure out; they didn't want him to be excluded for what he is.

One day, during his 5th birthday, he had an accident while his parents were away. After this, his parents decided he needed a guardian, since he was too energetic to be left alone. This is how he got the black dragon of the silver moon, Cycle. They soon became friends, and from that point on, grew up together.

Time passed, and at his 8th birthday, he learned about the fact that he's a half vampire, and somehow others learned about it too. He didn't really mind, but as his parents feared, he wasn't liked by others, but he didn't really care, he didn't do much while with others, he liked to play by himself or with Cycle.

When he turned 10, he decided he wants to protect others this time, so he joined the knights as a squire at first, he got the rank of a knight soon, because of his outstanding abilities used in training and combat. He returned home at the age of 12, but he had to face a cruel reality, his parents were dead, both killed by vampire hunters, he didn't understand why those hunters did it, his parents never did anything bad. He was sad for a long time, but he promised his dead parents that he will surely become a strong guardian knight, so he can protect others, and never let something like this ever happen again. He looked through the house for anything that he can use, and found out in the diary of his parents, that he has magical energy in himself, some call it mana, others call it eden; he also learned that he will be able to master fire magic, since that's his main element, it took him 4 months, but in the end he succeeded in summoning flames. From the diary, he also learned that since he's a half vampire, he is alive, but has vampiric healing, which with enough training, will be able to save him from fatal situations as well. The last parts of the diary said that since he's half vampire, his body will evolve faster than human body until he becomes 18 years old, meaning that even if he was just 12, his body was like of a 15-16 years old body.

After this, he left his hometown, Transylvania, so he can find out more about magic and maybe become a stronger knight. His trip lead him to a pyramid, where he met a lost catgirl, Nayoumi, who seemed a bit older than him. Since he was a nice person, and both of them were hungry for adventure, they checked out the pyramid, while Holy slowly helped her out of the pyramid. That was an encounter neither of them forgot. Holy felt he was in love for the first time. They agreed to meet again in the same place. After a few adventures together, they both felt the same way and got closer to each other in less than a year.

Poor catgirl was weak though, and seemingly had a hard time during her mating season, she could resist before, but she couldn't resist it anymore, and felt that she may go crazy from the inner feeling if she resists again. After some thinking they both agreed that Holy will help her through it, since his body was ready to help her, thanks to his vampiric side. But this didn't go without any outcomes. Soon after the mating season, they learned that she got pregnant that day. Holy being a lifeloving person wanted her to carry out the child, and since she loved him as well, months later she gave birth to a little catgirl. She wasn't vampire, nor a halfbreed, but she had strong magical capabilities like her father, and had the power of transformation like her mother. Since the child liked to say Mew, they named her Nyuu.

They moved to a village surrounded by a forest, Holy and Nayoumi got married, and lived there happily for 4 years. After that they agreed that Holy should continue to officially train as a knight so he can protect them both from danger. So after Holy found a kingdom to train in, they moved there, so he can always be around them. One day though...during a training day, Nayoumi decided to check back on the village, since she heard something bad was happening with one of her friends. When Holy returned home, he saw that Nyuu was sleeping, while a maid from the castle was watching over her, but Nayoumi was nowhere to be found, she did tell him that she was going to go check on her friends, but she should have returned by then. After that came a scream, Holy ran to the window, only to see that from the faraway forest, smoke is escaping into the air. After asking the maid to watch over Nyuu some more, he ran toward the village, but when he got to the forest, his eyes widened by the hell he saw...the whole forest was burning down from a wildfire, he knew what this means, but not accepting it, he ran into the forest, not caring about the smaller burns he got, trying to find his belowed wife....but even though he searched all day, he found nothing...even after the fire was put out, the only thing he found was her necklace with a cross accessory in a pile of dust...he now understood fully.

During the next years, he told Nyuu what happened to her mother, but even though they couldn't accept it easily, they knew that she wouldn't want them to be depressed forever. While Holy continued working as a knight, he taught Nyuu how to use magic, so she can use it when needed. During their time in the kingdom, they decided to visit Holy's hometown sometimes, because he started to miss it. There they were reunited with Cycle who was hibernating from a magic Holy's parents had casted on him. They met a man named Max, who helped them many times, especially after the vampire problem started to appear. Soon after it's appearance, the whole Transylvania was infested with maniac vampires, who only came out during nighttime, leaving the remaining humans alone during daytime.

Next year brought many things, since by then Holy became entitled as an even higher ranked knight, and found his first princess to protect as a guardian knight. While he was working there, his daughter remained with Max and Cycle, because he couldn't bring himself to take her into a dangerous place like the new castle, and he knew that Cycle and Max would be good protectors. During his first guardian job, he learned to summon a few beasts from ancient books, becoming a summoner, but because he "cheated" once, by loosing on purpose so the princess can stay safe (if she didn't win, she would've been killed), his summons left him, only one remained with him, the loyal thunderbird he called Sparky.

During the year, he gone through many guardian jobs, since the enemy was always so weak they got defeated easily; he never had a real guardian job that would be fun and not boring. His last job was to protect a cat-demon princess, but like the rest, the job was as boring as never before. During that time, he got his daughter into the magical academy of the kingdom, so she can master her magic easily, but since they left earlier than normal (thanks to the fact that the princess already had a guardian knight and Holy had enough of being a plus there without any work), he helped her get into an elemental academy, while he joined an academy for hero training, leaving his boring guardian jobs behind until he becomes stronger.

Now both of them are training to become the best there is. Nyuu wants to become stronger than her father, and become the best Storm Mage there is, and Holy trains to become the best Vampiric Guardian Knight there is.

During his time in the academy, Holy met his brother Kris, who he never saw before, nor even knew about before. Maybe what their parents feared was true, and them being separated has had it's effect, because they haven't lashed out at each other, in fact, they were happy to know they still had someone from the family alive. Even though Kris had to leave the Academy, Holy still keeps contact with him, and just as he did in the Academy, he helps his young brother train his skills for battle. Also, after several years, and even a graduation, Holy found himself at the side of a bunnygirl named Flora, from the same academy, only the Azurean house. As time passed, it became obvious that they began to like each other, and by now they are a dating couple, even if Flora had to leave the Academy as well, for the time being.


The Hero: Holy Celestial (timeline where he joins the Academy)

The Killer: UnHoly Monster (timeline/s where he never joins the Academy, and his daughter is killed)

The Ruler: Lord Celestial (timeline where he never joins the Academy, saves his daughter, but never meets the angel who will save his mind from corruption)

The Guardian: Holy Celestial "The Deathstar" (timeline where he never joins the Academy, saves his daughter, and meets the angel who saves his mind from corruption)

Holy Celestial9 alternate personalities - looks

Holy Celestial Incarnations


He has three distinct fighting styles: close combat, ranged combat, hybrid.

As the names suggest, he can fight three different ways, usually either choosing one, based on the situation, or switching combat styles during combat when the battle is getting out of control.


This type of fighting usually involves his twin katanas, Matamune and Masamune. Being a dual wielder, he uses both blades either together or separately during attacks. He uses Matamune more, because he is more used to her, so if somebody sees him using only one blade, it will most likely be Matamune.


This type of fighting usually involves either Patrius, or his magic. Being somebody who does not like using guns, Patrius is rarely if ever used, so if he uses ranged combat, he most likely will use magic. Having a higher affinity to Fire, he uses fire elemental magic the most, but during his years, he learned to combine his Light and Dark elemental magic with fire, thus creating black flames and sacred flames. He has a separate, fourth element which he only uses as assisting magic, and that's the Spirit element. This element allows the use of Soul magic, but he only learned to use 3 or 4 soul spells, to assist him in not only battle, but other situations as well. These spells usually consist of soul connecting chains, weak barriers against curses or spirits, and other assisting spells not used in serious combat.

In the past he aquired summoning techniques, however due to his decision during a combat situation, he lost all of his summons, except one which he can summon at will. He also uses his summoning techniques to quickly bring his pal Cycle to a place he needs him in.

Another type of magic he is able to use is Illusion magic. He has two spells in this category, which are only used when his rage and or sadness reach their peak, thus causing mana overload, enough to create one of the two illusions he knows. These illusions consist of terrain changing, and they are both connected to his past. These two spells also take the longest to cast, as they need very long incantations, and use up his whole mana pool.

1.Wildfire - changes the surrounding area into a burning forest, this forest is the same place his wife died years ago

2.Transylvania - changes the surrounding area into the dark city of Transylvania, infested with illusional vampires who attack anyone who gets close

He uses his illusion spells only in very dire situations.


As the name suggests, when using this fighting style, he combines close combat with range combat. This is where his magic knight side is seen, as he imbues his katanas with flames, or shoots energy blades from his swords to power up close combat, or use more powerful ranged attacks that do not have elements.

He also has other passive abilities, which came with his vampire self. Also, since he is only half vampire, some of his abilities are weaker than normal. His passive abilities include:

#Vampiric Healing

Even though he is half vampire, he IS ALIVE mostly, he has vampiric healing though, which makes it hard for others to kill him easily:
- small wounds heal very fast
- medium wounds become small wounds, they heal slower than small wounds
- larger wounds become medium wounds, they heal slower than medium ones
- near fatal wounds become larger wounds, they heal slowly
- fatal wounds become near fatal, they heal very slowly

  1. Eyes of Passion

As a vampire of Transylvania, he inherited the Eyes of Passion. These are special eyes, first used by Dracula, and they allow him to take control of women by only looking into their eyes, thus reaching into their soul. He is not really fond of this ability, because he does not like to force things on others, so he almost never even uses these eyes. There are VERY rare instances when he feels forced to use them, but aside from those, he never uses them. Since he is only a half vampire, these only work on women, and if the person is strong enough, then they do not work on them.

  1. Ability to shapeshift into a bat/swarm of small bats and into mist (for a few seconds)

He is able to take the form of a bat, and mist. As he is only half breed, his mist form barely lasts a few seconds, enough for him to go through very small spaces. His bat form has two different versions, either a normal bat (hybrid between a common and a vampire bat) or a swarm of even smaller bats. The latter also lasts for a short duration, and is only used for transport or sudden evasions.

  1. Magic Fusion

He trained in using magic for long enough time to learn how to combine his elemental magic with either other elements, or his weapons. To bring up an example, he is able to use together (fuse for a moment) fire element and holy element to create sacred blue flames.

  1. Seal of the Daemon Vault

This is a special ability granted to him when he became the gatekeeper of the Daemon Vault. With this ability, he is able to access it, hide it, open it, and even do whatever he wants with it. He is the only one who knows about the resting place of the Vault, as the old gatekeeper died soon after he gave Holy the seal.

  1. Weakness to holy relics

As part vampire himself, he is weak to any holy relics. However, this weakness is rendered weaker, as the necklace he wears, the memento of his wife who died in the wildfire, raises his resistance to the holy element.

  1. Human Heart

As part vampire, part human, he has the heart of a human. This does not mean that he can be killed as easily as a human being, because his vampiric healing deals with that, but it means that his human emotions can be a burden if one takes advantage of them properly. However, take advantage of it improperly, and feel the wrath of the vampire within him. His human heart is also the reason he sees even his demonic weapons as his friends and partners, and not just simple weapons, however, this is not considered a disadvantage, as he is most fine with it.

  1. Sun and Moon

He is part human, so he does not get burned to death by the Sun, in fact, he can walk under sunlight as much as he wants. However, as he is part vampire, his power is weakened under sunlight. Also, since he is a being of the darkness, his power is multiplied depending on the Moon's current state, he is weakest at New Moon, and strongest during Full Moon. This small factor annoys him for one reason, and namely the similarity between his ability, and the similar ability of werewolves.


Most of his friends are from other houses, mostly from Azureus, as his first friend in the Academy was an Azurean in the Azureus Tea House, which tends to get destroyed randomly. His friends from the academy include

Nakota Kitade
Vincent Fable and his other versions
Neku Shirogami
Thorn and Lulu
Taiga Ikurosu
Drake (in a way, however might be considered foe)
Lindre Lanett

Family includes the following members

Flora (they are a couple now)
Nayoumi Celestial (deceased wife)'''''

'Nyuu Celestial (his daughter)
Kris X Celestial (his younger brother)
Matamune and Masamune Celestial (his twin friends)
Cycle (his dragon, best pal)
Max/Patrius (his big pal)


Work in progress