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Lakhana Zephi WeinstadtEdit

Lakhana is generally a well mannered girl with a little snappy attitude.
She could be quite friendly and funny once you get to know her, but it usually takes some time.
In semester Four, her sense of responsibility as a senior student turned her into a sort of a caretaker for the new students.

She's quite stoic and doesn't show her true feelings easily.
Often times, she even deceives herself with her emotion.
She's also very stubborn.
Because of it, she sometimes put herself in difficult situation.

She was born in Torlardes, the capital city of the country of Torlus, which located in South West corner of Altachean Continent. She had to move around the country with her family quite a bit, because of their family businesses.

Her father was a well off merchant, who was selling very rare artisan jewelry from the Southern continent.
He also quite artistic. Later on he moved to Chana Dhena and become artisan craftsman.
Her mother is musician, who plays a type of harp. She's a beautiful lady with thoughtful attitude.
Although they hold citizenship of Torlus, her father was originally from neighboring country of Tolachea and her mother was member of the desert tribe of Chana Dhena.

Lakhana also has a brother named Tislei, who is three years younger that she is.
He was visiting AoH during the Winterball.


Lakhana inherited a dream-tuning skill from one of her maternal ancestors "Dream singer Dihaoine," but her power is still weak and rather uncontrollable.
In fact, she actually a failure as a tuner, yet she's still thought to be an incarnation of Dihaoine.
Once one masters this skill, it not only can be healing tool to many, but also can be a skill to bring a great distractions.
It is very rare to see this particular skill in practice in this days and true power of tuning is forgotten in the history.

She only has an affinity with Wind Eden, thus she can't use any other type of Eden.
Also her Eden capacity is not great so that her spell use is somehow limited as a wind mage.
Though she can summon Shees, Zephyrus, Sylph, will-o-wisps, and Sylphlettes, she usually avoid contacting them, since summoning is a prohibited art inside the academy.

She learnt some sword skills from her father as means of self defense, but actually physical fighting ability is close to none.
One of her friends Lindre Lannette has been trying to teach her better weaponry skill.


Lindre Linnette (Virens): Virens Senior. BFF
Moriband Starsein (Virens): Virens Graduate (Junior in S4). House mother
Dysdamion Alexander Argyros (Azureus): Azureus student. Very kind and friendly
Nois Niraka (Virens): Virens Graduate. One-sided love interest.
Edel Bennett (Virens): Virens Senior. Arch enemy.
Sofiya Rowan (Virens): Virens Graduate. Still not quite understood.
Vera Simons (Virens): Virens Graduate. Human tornado.
Regan Campbell (Virens): Virens Senior. BFF
Inden Enrei (Virens): Lindre's watchman. Respectable Teacher.
Aderyn Tact (Roseus): Roseus Senior. Cute and Sweet.
Canary Juliette Charm (Flavescens): Flavescens Student. Another human tornado.
Reisei (Azureus): Azureus student. Quiet young dragon lady.
Arthur Thompson (Azureus): Azureus student. Polite gentleman.
Lotta Hardstrom (Virens): Virens Graduate. Friend and Exam Partner.
Monique DeRoyal (Virens): House mate. Big sis.
And0or (Virens) : Virens Junior. Arch enemy in training.
Laymann (Virens): Virens Junior. An enigma.
Val Kazen (Virens): Virens Junior. Gentle Soul.
Eris Asphodel (Virens): Virens Junior. Cookie Monster.
Maria fon Shtrutz (Virens): Virens Senior. New Room mate.
Laroque Birchwood (Flavescens): Flavescens Graduate. Very pleasant sweetheart.
Yuena Song (Virens): Virens Junior. Sweet power house.
David Syles (Flavescens): Flavescens Graduate. Tactiful strategist.
Irene Silvers (Flavescens): Flavescens Junior. Almost housemate.
Millia Donut (Flavescens): Flavescens Junior. Sweet Little Sister.
Viveka Felice Ermengilde (Azureus): Azureus Graduate. Quiet Water Mage
Forahe S. N. Keikyabanto (Incarnatus) Incarnatus Junior. Yet another human tornado
Mahift Netama (Virens): Virens Junior. Winterball Date