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"Hm! Hmm!! Interesting..." - Laymann, upon having thought of a spark of inspiration.


Laymann comes off as a whimsical person who never reads the mood of a situation and seems to always find a way to somehow break a serious moment, mostly in order to make light of the people around him.

On the surface it would seem that he has no respect for anyone and for the most part, that would be true. He does however, bother to speak properly to people who know their place and speak accordingly.

Most of the jokes he spews tend to be sexual or derogatory in nature, and even the person himself alludes to his massive porn collection in his room. Somehow this is actually noteworthy.


Hailing from the Demon City of Tenneth, Laymann is a Field Reporter (A Reporter who takes to the ground to actively participate in obtaining information) in the School Newspaper of Tenneth Academy. The Academy has taken much interest in the Academy of Heroes for being at the center of the past Rift attacks and thus assigned Laymann to the Academy of Heroes as an "exchange student".

His mission is to take notes of the Academy Curriculum and set it as a comparison between theirs, to see where their students stand. Laymann's findings have been... quite stunningly uplifting. Almost deceptively so.

As a student, Laymann follows in his father's footsteps in pursuit of Magic Engineering. Already understanding the scope of what it means to use magic in such a context from a young age, Laymann's knowledge placed him far above his peers, and even in the Academy of Heroes, he does not cease in his pursuit of greater strength.

His obsession for power stems from when he was 8, where the boy tried to stop his mother from leaving the house solely because his father failed to keep her entertained. In retaliation, she dropped a bolt of lightning as a demonstration of power and laid it thickly on him that unless he had the means to stop her, he would have to settle with being left behind.

He felt little about his mother leaving the household, but this instead sparked his quest into finding ways and means to absolutely destroy what life awaited and accepted his mother. If it meant becoming stronger, he would practice day and night into refining his magic and purposing it solely to destroy. If it meant that he would not be blinded and misled by the people around him, he would dig up as much information as he needed about every single important person and keep their dirt on his person.

Doing this required him to keep people at arms length, yet not get attached to them. Pornography to him is his means of seeming like a joker while keeping a safe distance from most people. The women would see him as a desperate guy only too eager for a physical relationship, while the men would normally not even want to share that sort of detail with anyone.

And he was fine with that.


Alchemic WeaponsEdit

Ruby Knife - An Alchemic Weapon made by his Father, a skilled Itemcrafter. It acts as a Catalyst to augment his Magic Output and is the main cause as to why he's so efficient with his spells. Fire Element only.

Tyrant Horn - An Alchemic Weapon carved from the Horn of a Monster Serpant called [Tyrant Solbados]. It acts as a Catalyst that augments his Magic Output whenever he's near a Magic Circle with Wind Element. Electric Element.

Stop Vector - An Alchemic Weapon created from a series of experiments to create a weapon that he would use. Laymann takes up the uphill task of creating something worthwhile for his first science project, and has spent many weeks (of which nothing at all is done) crafting a weapon of his design. Instead of acting as a Catalyst like the rest of his other weapons, the Stop Vector returns everything in the Physical Plane into a concept.

It turns projectiles, physical attacks, into what they are, objects moving in a direction along a vector, and sends it into an immediate stop upon contact regardless of force. However, being a student project, it's quite possible for a skilled Itemcrafter to tell that the components are quite poorly woven together, and will probably work once, twice at absolute best, and break.

This experiment also costed Laymann a very good amount of his savings from Field Deployment as a Reporter.

Graduation Thesis Alpha - The last Alchemic Weapon he used before leaving the Academy of Heroes. A weapon that seems like a very thick short sword, it breaks up into three different fragments that perform various functions, such as:

Remote Flight - Every fragment acts as a channel for him to direct beams of fire at his enemies. They fly around, controlled by his brain waves, and hound the enemy until he's satisfied.
Catalyst - Helps him perform calculations when casting advanced magic that required casting and projection, greatly simplifying the process.
Particle Resonation - The fragments accelerate eden particles and maximizes the energy of the particles caught in the use of the spell, as a result his spells become even more powerful than before.

Fire MagicEdit

"Flambe!" - A instant-cast flame spell that shoots a rising jet of fire from his Ruby Knife. Short ranged.
Heat Coating - A spell that has helped him work through many a harsh, cold wintry night. Warms the body to regular temperatures.
Flare Sphere - Creates a group of five chest-sized fireballs and blasts it at the enemy. Can be moved at will. Insta-cast.
Flare Sphere LV2 - The five fireballs increase in intensity and turn into blue flames.
Prominence Ray - Fires a ray of intense heat that drills through the target. Extra-long range. Short casting time.
Crimson Lotus - Laymann creates feathers of light, which he blows at the enemy and activates, creating a whole area of devastating explosions. Takes a while to cast.

Seeds of Retribution - Laymann creates a trap which he can activate to engulf his target in a pillar of fire. Credits to Oseike for the idea.

Singularity Blast - Concentrates all the air in one area and draws all enemies in it into the center, before exploding into a brilliant ball of fire.

Unceasing Dragonpyre - Accelerated particles of eden release their maximum potential and rush forth as a grand blaze that rends (nearly) everything that stands in its way.

Itemcrafter's Legacy Edit

Deciding to chip a little bit from an old block of wood, Laymann tries Itemcrafting, a skill that uses Alchemy to forge items, weapons, jewelry and even Alchemic Weapons. However Alchemic Weapons in particular take a great amount of concentration, skill and magic input that, while Laymann has the third, he lacks the first two.

Attack Potion - Holy Water (replaced by: Water of Blessed Earth), Feather of Phoenix, Crystal of Eden
Defense Potion - Holy Water, Scale of Wyvern, Crystal of Eden
Speed Potion - Holy Water, Leaf of Rosales, Crystal of Eden
A Secret Concoction <3 - Water of Blessed Earth, Harpy's Feather, Crystal of Eden

Circuit ConnectionEdit

Having a basic understanding of the Magic Circuit (The intangible routes in the body where Eden moves along) allows Laymann to connect his circuit to a willing party and tap into the intrinsic element inside the person, creating stronger magic as well as magic of different elements.

(With Wind Eden users) Tyrant Bolt - Creates a searing white lightning bolt that crushes the enemy like a holy sword from the heavens. Takes a LONG while to cast, and takes a lot out of Laymann.


Virens HousematesEdit

Lakhana Zephi Weinstadt - It's probably because Lakhana seems to try so hard all the time that Laymann tends to offer a helping hand or a lead whenever he can. Currently she's the only person who knows that Laymann's in the Academy to study their curriculum and put it back for review back in his school. He teases her very often because she makes it so easy for him, and gets a cheap kick out of doing so. Nickname: Bananaman.

Val Kazen - Although not very close, he's in awe that right from the start of the academy, Val has already begun cohabiting with a girl and they still both seem to be virgins halfway through the semester. In fact it would have been pretty hard to mess up since they were like a giggly, smiley pair, so whatever happened to temptation? Also because Val never seems to make any decisions, Laymann has decided to give him a fitting Nickname: Yuena's Wife.

Yuena Song - Val's roommate, a gentle, kind soul. Or at least, she has tried to display herself as a kind soul, but something about her choice of magic (Ice, Dark) kind of throws him off. The sort of throw off that tells Laymann she's probably a lot more than she comes off as. Nickname: Snow White

And0or - The sort of girl he loves to tease because her reactions usually try so hard to be poisonous, scalding, but fail to do so much as sting Laymann. Even then, he teases with the intention for her to be able to work harder at learning to burn the things she wants with Fire Magic, but has not really succeeded. Nickname: To be announced

Other HousesEdit

Irene Silvers - "Uh, who?" Nickname: N/A

Viveka Ermengile - Like with every girl (who's not a kid, which is pretty hard to find in the academy actually), Laymann flirts with reckless abandon and seemed to have found himself as an object of scorn from the girl. But because of his thorough lack of shame, he continues his pursuit, for at least Viveka has not gone to the point of ignoring him altogether. Even then, he doesn't actually want to enter a relationship with her (like with everyone in the academy). He just thinks she could be a rather fun person to hang around. He knows that Viveka has a terribly human side behind that cold exterior, and thinks it wouldn't hurt her to show more of it anyways. Nickname: To be announced.

Dysdamion Argyros - He knows nothing about Dys past the fact that he's a well built tank of a man who worries about showing too little skin at the Winter Ball while dressing himself up in fur, which raises a lot of disturbing quesions in his head about Dys. And since he thinks Dys is easily angered, he tries to avoid... Dyssing him too much. Nickname: Terminator

Luxi Lillium - A girl who Laymann first met, and they both had ice cream. And then she began following on the adventures they would have with some of the other students. Their relationship isn't really anything beyond acquaintancy, but her temporary blinding spells have seen to it that Laymann would think twice before going on another expedition with her along. Nickname: Blind Bat / Look-see

Forahe Selikorako Naegantapato Keikyabanto - A quiet, queer girl who apparently starts fights out of nowhere and uses a strange form of magic, called Cute Magic, where candy starts trying to smash people and sunflowers shoot laser beams everywhere. In fact, Laymann seems to get into a lot of trouble everytime she's around, so whenever something happens and he sees sweets around the place, the first person to spring to mind is Forahe. Nickname: Forahe Reallylongname.

Faris Thiel - A constantly grumpy girl who doesn't ever respond much to his prodding. Laymann knows types like her usually have no friends anyway, so there's no worry in her actually having any lackies who will back her up with some senseless excuse of friendship whatsoever. Thus, he responds to her lack of sociability with acid-laced words, taking pleasure in devaluing and shaming the girl.

Venna Vennadrinis - He sees her as a tragic circumstance of a place constantly plagued by battle. He cares for her in the sense that he was content with how someone like her could be carefree, but eventually someone like her would have to confront the real world and either be destroyed or stained in its colors.

The way he saw it was that he much preferred people who were content with themselves and lived life without impeding on others for the sake of ambition, and he saw that in Venna until one session in the future when she was stabbed in the arm for sticking to her ideals, and that caused the girl to change.



"Meg, are you sure your hands aren't almost always sticky because of... some other reasons? Just asking." - Laymann.
"That's sexual harassment!" - Meg, in reply.

Laymann's underclassman who goes to the Winter Ball to check on Laymann on behalf of the Newspaper Club. While she doesn't actually like him very much because his work tends to end up being hers' anyway, she thinks his thick skinned personality is something she can learn from, and thus respects him somewhat. Laymann on the other hand thinks he was assigned a pet spider who could actually do his paperwork. He teases Meg a lot.

Despite all of this, she really hates Laymann personally and eventually left the Newspaper to join the Fashion Design Club after being scouted by its members. Yet she's somehow held back by guilt because she knew about Laymann's past from his father, and it still bothers her till this day that Laymann became the person he is solely because of abandonment and rejection.

Laymann feels that her joining the Fashion Design Club was exactly what he had hoped for. "Why bother becoming like someone else when you're of more use doing what you're good at?", was his rationale.

Nickname: To be announced.

Hector Scorn

"Man, you know dad? I think you should really get laid." - Laymann.

Laymann's father. A humble, quiet, scrawny man, much unlike his son. He is a skilled Itemcrafter, with a vast knowledge of what he does, and is a real workaholic. To Laymann, anyway, he has always been the way he was, except for the last part of being a workaholic. And how it happened was the reason why Laymann is the way he is, in a sense.


To be announced...